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Inside the mind of pro poker player

Whether it's in online casinos or around a table, poker is more than just a game of chance. There's a strong skill element to the game in how you handle the cards your dealt and how you choose to play. But what goes through the mind of someone playing at a pro level?

How does a great player stand out against an average one? We've put together a little animation to walk you through the differences in approaches and how they affect how you play.

The big thing everyone playing poker needs to master though is not giving away your hand before you even start betting. Exuding an air of confidence with a tight control on your emotions and facial expressions is a key skill to develop if you want to play professionally.

This is one of the main reasons a lot of players wear sunglasses to stop their eyes giving away their thoughts. Of course, your rivals will do the same. If everyone's gotten a solid grasp on keeping their thoughts hidden, what you'll need to do is learn to read how they play.

If someone raises a lot before they even see the flop, they might well be bluffing to try and drive away more cautious players. If they only ever check and suddenly start raising it might be because they have a good hand. How a player works out the intention behind a bet is one of the marks of their proficiency and a sure sign of a pro!

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